Saturday, February 11, 2012

The proverbial horse

1960's Hobby Horse
Image from here
I've been wondering what the likelihood of my being able to just drop back in to blogging; as though I hadn't been Missing-Presumed-Dead for over 12 months, and without explaining the absence; is.

I feel that I owe some sort of explanation, and have decided to say, more so that I have a record of having said it than anything, that: These last 12 months defeated me in a flat on my face with a mouth full of dirt kind of a way; and then dusted me off and dressed my wounds and left me transformed. And, like a Transformer* (the morphing robots, not the power supply for downlights): this side of the transformation is better. Definitely better.

So this a farewell to that poor dead horse I flogged for so long, with gratitude for how far it got me before it died; and a tally ho (the urging call, not the cigarette paper) as I saddle up a new horse and a new year and move forward.

It's nice to be back.

*Disclaimer: I owe having a Transformer related metaphor in my blog to the big and small men in my life, who unabashedly love Transformers and who have apparently subliminally implanted Transformers upon me. And when I say Transformers, I refer to the cartoons and comics of my childhood, and not the modern movies, which I am led to believe, are something of an abomination.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Four videos

I'm not usually much of a video or link kind of a gal but I have a sinus thing and the whole left side of my face has conspired against me with swelling and pain and synchronic leaking. Nice.
I can't see straight to photograph, let alone do anything interesting, so I thought I'd share some videos that have been keeping entertained while I nurse my poor nose. This week I've come across three which are nonsense, really worth a squiz if you have a minute.

I saw the first at Cintia's blog, and it's a smile maker for sure. Thank you, European creativity.

And I saw these clever two on Si's blog. If I had to live in a blog, I would choose Si's blog for sure - it's beautiful.

And this last one is an oldy but a goody, and always picks me up with a laugh. There are a few f-bombs incase that's not your thing.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Colouring In

Have you heard of this? I saw it on Christina's blog on Monday and came over all warm fuzzies at the thought of it - I love a good collaboration, I really do.

Screen shot 2011-02-02 at 11.15.48 AM

A band called Bright Knights is putting together a music video for one of their songs and have invited the world to help by downloading individual frames and colouring them in. Need I say more?

So excuse me while I scribble away at the dining table for a few minutes and occasionally giggle with excitement about seeing the finished video.

Go to the Drawing This Love site to join the fun.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Month that Was

My January was

too many cherries
not enough peaches (yet)
just the right amount of mangoes
homemade sorbet
banana smoothies
two weddings
hard work
good times
bad times
glasses of iced water
hot, hot days
long walks
evening breezes
too much photo editing
and the reupholstering of an antique chair*.

I hope yours contained some of the things you love, and if you are affected by the floods, that you and yours are safe and well.

Except for photographing a wedding, I barely took any photos this month, so these are a few snaps of the gingerbread biscuits I made to give at Christmas, and the amazing view from said wedding (more on that later).

I know I know, a whole month, all that socialising, and only three photos. For shame.

It's good to be back.


*Don't ask me how I managed to get myself into that last one, but it's in progress and I think I'll do a post about it when I'm done.

Christmas Cookies 2010

Christmas Cookies 2010

Bible Garden, Palm Beach

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A gift for you

To thank you committed readers who have stuck with me through these last few months, I'm pleased to offer this little voucher for use when the shop opens in the new year. Having you here has meant the world to me and I love being a part of such an inspiring and creative community. I hope this Christmas and new year season is full of every happiness for you all xx


This offer is valid for 30 days from the day the online shop opens, and is one use per person only. 20% will be taken off the total purchase price, excluding postage, and this voucher may not be used with any other offer unless specifically stated.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Joyous Noel

Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010

I seem to have drifted into holiday mode without really meaning to - we've been All About Christmas (as you can see) for the last few weeks and I am loving every minute of it. I guess amongst all the festivities and gift making and end of year concerts, I've been having a break from the blog. I will probably be a bit sporadic with posts until the new year, and I wish you and yours many blessings and joy this Christmas season.

Also, I've been preparing a little gift for you all which should be ready tomorrow, so be sure to check back!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

This week

My long long awaited woven labels arrived. I celebrated by losing the postage notice in my excitement and almost not getting said labels from the post office. But we got there in the end! The labels arriveth, and so exciting things are finally afoot.



In other news, we got home last night to find the christmas tree semi-horizontal, pine needles and the odd decoration strewn about it . It would have been all-the-way-horizontal, if it weren't for the low bookshelf it had crushed on it's descent. I am counting my blessings that of pine sap infused water spilt, which is a christmas miracle for sure. For now, it's leaning up against the wall and The Man made me promise not to attempt fixing it on my own - in fear of the rug being soaked in sticky water - so I will have to wait for him to get home tonight and we'll fix it together. I'm saying "stay away from the tree" more than any reasonable person should, but it's precarious state is making me nervous. I took these photos this morning, and tried my best to hide the slant. May your week be merry, and may all your trees be upright xx

christmas tree

christmas tree

Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Creative Space

...has some rather poorly photographed handmade Christmas decorations. This will be the first Christmas that we haven't had to travel away from home to celebrate with family; and, therefore, our first Christmas - ever - with our very own tree and decorations. I am feeling particularly homesick, and a bit overwhelmed, as we creep up to the one year mark of living in Sydney - and have found welcome distraction in decorating fever.

In preparation for the arrival of the tree in a few days (read: because I've become slightly obsessed with getting a tree), I made these felt hanging decorations today. They were so easy it's almost embarrassing - perfect for a rainy afternoon with the kids, too.

You will need:

: two A4 pieces of adhesive felt in whatever colour you like - contrasting or the same, it doesn't matter.
: a pencil and some paper
: some scissors

Peel off the backings on the felt and stick to them each other - sticky sides facing.
Draw up some templates and trace them onto the felt with a pencil
Cut out the shapes, thread through some string, and you're done!

If you have a go at these, and especially if you do a better job than I did, I'd love to see them - add a link in the comments.

christmas decorations

christmas decorations

More creative spaces here

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

taking deep breaths

Keep Calm and Craft On
(image from here)

I've stopped tearing away the days from our tearaway calendar in an attempt to stop time, but I don't think it's working.

Christmas is coming, I'm still mysteriously coughing like an elderly smoker on her emphysemic death bed*, housework waits for no woman, the rain keeps falling, and the shop is still parked.

I need indulgent desserts and a desk under which to secretly consume them, stat.

The Man keeps reminding me that I'm doing my best**, and that's good enough. He's right. Right??

*I am not elderly, emphysemic, a smoker, or on my death bed, and I mean no disrespect to you if you are or know someone who is.
**If by best he means frequently found rocking backwards and forwards, surrounded by biscuit crumbs, repeating the words "The shop will open soon"

Thursday, November 25, 2010

My Creative Space

...feels completely out of my control this week. I've had to resign myself to the fact that things just haven't gone to plan these last few months with the shop, and there isn't much to do about it but sit back with a cuppa and a few too many biscuits. My business cards arrived in the wrong colour, and on different stock than I expected. My woven labels are still in transit and I hope they haven't been lost to the sea. I'm doing my best to roll with the punches; resisting the urge to fling myself at my stash in the hope that I'll be whisked away to a magical world at the back of it where no-one knows what a shop is; and keeping a steady supply of said tea and biscuits on hand.

I've been working on some new patterns this week, for the shop-which-will-open-one-day. When that happens, it'll all be worth it.


Much more exciting creative spaces here

Things that are yellow


chick peas

my tape measure
tape measure


olive oil
olive oil

the other gypsy bucket
the other gypsy bucket

yellow pencils

What yellow things are there around your house?

Monday, November 22, 2010


Sometimes I feel as though inspiration is like the ocean. On a clear day, I can float calmly in it and watch the fish swim by and nod to the other bathers as they, too, enjoy the vastness and potential of inspiration.
Other days, the waves come all at once and I find myself sitting on the shore; half drowned and gasping for air, with sand in my mouth and my boobs popped out of my cozzie.

Today is one of the latter. I'm overwhelmed with inspiration and don't know where to start. I think I should make a list; for organisations' sake, but also so that on the days when I feel like I'm in a desert rather than an ocean, I'll have a List of Exciting Things To Do.

Do you ever get dumped by the sea of inspiration? How do you regain your composure?

In other news, here are some unrelated photos from around the house.




Saturday, November 20, 2010

I promise not to ever post without a photo again**

I didn't mean to have this whole week or so away from this space; but it was a busier time than I expected, and it felt long, and quite draining - and then all of a sudden it's today and I realise I haven't posted for ages. Do you remember way back here when I said I had been battling a chest infection for a month? I thought I was on the mend then, but I haven't been able to shake it, and am still coughing. So this week had me in and out of pathologist offices - doing some tests and hopefully getting to the end of this sickness. I feel worn out - and rather annoyed that sickness and other life things keep presenting themselves; but I guess that is life, isn't it? I fall easily into the trap of wishing things would hurry on by so I can get on with life (whatever that really means), without realising that these interruptions and frustrations are life, too.

At any rate, I'm looking forward to an appointment free week this week, and will be head down, bum up in the studio for much of it. Watch this space for the shop opening.

Thank you all for visiting even though I was awol - you're the bees knees and I'm really starting to feel like a part of a little community xx

**I'll make up for it with a new colour set this week, pinky swear.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Creative Space

While the sun was still climbing above the trees outside this morning, I was sipping tea and sewing in some long-awaited labels. (then the day really began and it has taken me up till now to get around to posting this) Labels are finally here! I'm putting the finishing touches on all the stock for the shop, and hope to - how many times have I said this now? - open up next week. If you're still there and still keen, I'd love to have you join in the shenanigans of the grand opening. Keep watching this space for info, and hopefully we won't all nod off in the meantime.

More and beautiful spaces here x

my creative space

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


9th november

The 9th of November: today is my birthday. I unashamedly love birthdays. I have friends who worry each year about age, and where they thought they'd be versus where they are; but I seem not to be afflicted with that particular worry, thankfully. (I have plenty of other worries instead)

The Man and I had a delicious lunch and tea at The Boat House cafe, in Palm Beach. I had never been there before, and only found it by chance a few months ago looking for another cafe's contact details online. It's an excellent location, and perfectly decorated, too.

the boathouse cafe


Then we stopped at Wirreanda Nursery on the way home and I picked out a beautiful Aeonium Arboreum as my gift.

aeonium arboreum

The rest of my bounty is a scarf, some tea, some tea cups, and a metal bookmark. Thank you, everyone!

birthday gifts

Now we're having a relaxed night at home, sipping tea from the Morrocan glasses from The Man and listening to the frogs outside.

A good birthday indeed.