Saturday, February 11, 2012

The proverbial horse

1960's Hobby Horse
Image from here
I've been wondering what the likelihood of my being able to just drop back in to blogging; as though I hadn't been Missing-Presumed-Dead for over 12 months, and without explaining the absence; is.

I feel that I owe some sort of explanation, and have decided to say, more so that I have a record of having said it than anything, that: These last 12 months defeated me in a flat on my face with a mouth full of dirt kind of a way; and then dusted me off and dressed my wounds and left me transformed. And, like a Transformer* (the morphing robots, not the power supply for downlights): this side of the transformation is better. Definitely better.

So this a farewell to that poor dead horse I flogged for so long, with gratitude for how far it got me before it died; and a tally ho (the urging call, not the cigarette paper) as I saddle up a new horse and a new year and move forward.

It's nice to be back.

*Disclaimer: I owe having a Transformer related metaphor in my blog to the big and small men in my life, who unabashedly love Transformers and who have apparently subliminally implanted Transformers upon me. And when I say Transformers, I refer to the cartoons and comics of my childhood, and not the modern movies, which I am led to believe, are something of an abomination.


Jenny said... Reply to comment

Oh hooray!! Welcome back my lovely one.
I have been faithfully checking back here every few weeks in hope that you would return.
PS. Transformers cartoon = the best!

elizabeth said... Reply to comment

@Jenny Oh Thankyou! I've missed being here!