Thursday, February 3, 2011

Four videos

I'm not usually much of a video or link kind of a gal but I have a sinus thing and the whole left side of my face has conspired against me with swelling and pain and synchronic leaking. Nice.
I can't see straight to photograph, let alone do anything interesting, so I thought I'd share some videos that have been keeping entertained while I nurse my poor nose. This week I've come across three which are nonsense, really worth a squiz if you have a minute.

I saw the first at Cintia's blog, and it's a smile maker for sure. Thank you, European creativity.

And I saw these clever two on Si's blog. If I had to live in a blog, I would choose Si's blog for sure - it's beautiful.

And this last one is an oldy but a goody, and always picks me up with a laugh. There are a few f-bombs incase that's not your thing.


Valerie said... Reply to comment

I hope you feel much better by now. I had sinus pain for 3 months in a row, so I know where you've been
happy week to you x