Wednesday, December 1, 2010

taking deep breaths

Keep Calm and Craft On
(image from here)

I've stopped tearing away the days from our tearaway calendar in an attempt to stop time, but I don't think it's working.

Christmas is coming, I'm still mysteriously coughing like an elderly smoker on her emphysemic death bed*, housework waits for no woman, the rain keeps falling, and the shop is still parked.

I need indulgent desserts and a desk under which to secretly consume them, stat.

The Man keeps reminding me that I'm doing my best**, and that's good enough. He's right. Right??

*I am not elderly, emphysemic, a smoker, or on my death bed, and I mean no disrespect to you if you are or know someone who is.
**If by best he means frequently found rocking backwards and forwards, surrounded by biscuit crumbs, repeating the words "The shop will open soon"


Frankie and Ray said... Reply to comment

Goodness, yes! All in good time, with the aid of biscuits.