Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Creative Space

...has some rather poorly photographed handmade Christmas decorations. This will be the first Christmas that we haven't had to travel away from home to celebrate with family; and, therefore, our first Christmas - ever - with our very own tree and decorations. I am feeling particularly homesick, and a bit overwhelmed, as we creep up to the one year mark of living in Sydney - and have found welcome distraction in decorating fever.

In preparation for the arrival of the tree in a few days (read: because I've become slightly obsessed with getting a tree), I made these felt hanging decorations today. They were so easy it's almost embarrassing - perfect for a rainy afternoon with the kids, too.

You will need:

: two A4 pieces of adhesive felt in whatever colour you like - contrasting or the same, it doesn't matter.
: a pencil and some paper
: some scissors

Peel off the backings on the felt and stick to them each other - sticky sides facing.
Draw up some templates and trace them onto the felt with a pencil
Cut out the shapes, thread through some string, and you're done!

If you have a go at these, and especially if you do a better job than I did, I'd love to see them - add a link in the comments.

christmas decorations

christmas decorations

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monkeemoomoo said... Reply to comment

These are so lovely. Simple, just gorgeous!

I might give them a go with the kids on the holidays.

I have just discovered your beautiful blog:) Lucky me!