Wednesday, December 8, 2010

This week

My long long awaited woven labels arrived. I celebrated by losing the postage notice in my excitement and almost not getting said labels from the post office. But we got there in the end! The labels arriveth, and so exciting things are finally afoot.



In other news, we got home last night to find the christmas tree semi-horizontal, pine needles and the odd decoration strewn about it . It would have been all-the-way-horizontal, if it weren't for the low bookshelf it had crushed on it's descent. I am counting my blessings that of pine sap infused water spilt, which is a christmas miracle for sure. For now, it's leaning up against the wall and The Man made me promise not to attempt fixing it on my own - in fear of the rug being soaked in sticky water - so I will have to wait for him to get home tonight and we'll fix it together. I'm saying "stay away from the tree" more than any reasonable person should, but it's precarious state is making me nervous. I took these photos this morning, and tried my best to hide the slant. May your week be merry, and may all your trees be upright xx

christmas tree

christmas tree


Christina said... Reply to comment

Oh no! How did it fall over? I'd be tempted to right it by myself too and would be sure to make matters worse. :)

Your labels are lovely.

elizabeth said... Reply to comment

It took all my might not to try to resurrect the tree alone!! We have just resurrected it - it fared pretty well with just a few branches looking sorry for themselves. I think it sort of just eased itself loose from the T bolts in the base - it was a fresh cut tree so I think the trunk is a bit soft. We've chocked it up with extra timber blocks...this time....
It's so nice to 'meet' you - I really enjoy your blog and am flattered to have you here!

Jenny said... Reply to comment

Oooh Labels!

kitty said... Reply to comment

How I love a simple label. Great design.
I hope it all turns out well with your tree. Don't touch it.

elizabeth said... Reply to comment

@kitty Yes, simple is often best, isn't it. (says she with the intricate logo)

Belinda Saville said... Reply to comment

Woot woot for the labels finally arriving! *hooray* Elizabeth, they look totally gorgeous...simplicity at it's best! I love the photo of the singlets hanging up all together...actually, I love ALL of your photos. I spent about an hour looking back through your older posts yesterday. There was lots of *oohs* and *aahs* going on. Lovely, lovely photos ♥

Sorry to hear about your Christmas tree taking a dive. Are you sure you don't have a cat?


elizabeth said... Reply to comment

@Belinda Saville Aw shucks - thanks for your kind words Belinda! It's always a bit of a gamble putting myself out there, but I feel very encouraged by your comment! It's all systems go here as I put labels in all the un-sewn seams on my stock - I just wish the timing was a little different!! Not sure whether to open before Christmas now not!
Actually, we do have a cat, and there is always a chance that he could be the culprit - but for the most part, he's shown little to no interest in the tree.....of course, he could just be trying to divert attention away from himself.......

London Wedding Photographer D Sherjan said... Reply to comment

Lovely looking blog Elizabeth. We really like the clean colours and the complimenting photography.

We will be back!


elizabeth said... Reply to comment

@London Wedding Photographer D Sherjan Thank you, DSP - I have just looked at your site and the compliment means a lot coming from you!