Tuesday, November 9, 2010


9th november

The 9th of November: today is my birthday. I unashamedly love birthdays. I have friends who worry each year about age, and where they thought they'd be versus where they are; but I seem not to be afflicted with that particular worry, thankfully. (I have plenty of other worries instead)

The Man and I had a delicious lunch and tea at The Boat House cafe, in Palm Beach. I had never been there before, and only found it by chance a few months ago looking for another cafe's contact details online. It's an excellent location, and perfectly decorated, too.

the boathouse cafe


Then we stopped at Wirreanda Nursery on the way home and I picked out a beautiful Aeonium Arboreum as my gift.

aeonium arboreum

The rest of my bounty is a scarf, some tea, some tea cups, and a metal bookmark. Thank you, everyone!

birthday gifts

Now we're having a relaxed night at home, sipping tea from the Morrocan glasses from The Man and listening to the frogs outside.

A good birthday indeed.


Frankie and Ray said... Reply to comment

And a very happy birthday to you! I agree, every year should be a celebration!

elizabeth said... Reply to comment

@Frankie and Ray Thank you Jo! It was a good one!!

Anonymous said... Reply to comment

Hi Elizabeth,
So glad you had a happy birthday! Those Morrocan glasses are beautiful! Am really enjoying your blog - especially the photos.