Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Things that are blue

Our butter dish
vintage butter dish

Very old ink

Vintage sewing threads
vintage threads

Retro Bitossi pottery
vintage pottery

Vintage lotus cake plates**
vintage lotus plates

An old bible
old bible

Mr Bojangles' eyes (they really are that blue)

What blue things are there around your house?

(**does anyone know where I might find more of the lotus range? I am always on the lookout!)


Frankie and Ray said... Reply to comment

That's a gorgeous lot of pics there. I'm a green girl, but you may have me converted! ps. our Siamese Frankie has lovely blue eyes too.

elizabeth said... Reply to comment

@Frankie and Ray Blue can certainly be beautiful, can't it. Cheers to another blue eyed cat!!

Ingrid@Fable of the Table said... Reply to comment

Your photographs are so beautiful, I especially love the old ink and vintage sewing threads. Blues are my favourite shades and you really have captured them so well.
Happy to have dropped by via Creative Spaces.

elizabeth said... Reply to comment

@Ingrid@Fable of the Table Thank you, Ingrid! It's so nice to hear from you! The ink photo is my favourite in this series, too.

Jenny said... Reply to comment

Oh beautiful Bo! I love that photo!

elizabeth said... Reply to comment

@JennyAh hello Jen!! Nice to have you here! Yes, Bo's a bit of a model, isn't he.