Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Month that Was

My January was

too many cherries
not enough peaches (yet)
just the right amount of mangoes
homemade sorbet
banana smoothies
two weddings
hard work
good times
bad times
glasses of iced water
hot, hot days
long walks
evening breezes
too much photo editing
and the reupholstering of an antique chair*.

I hope yours contained some of the things you love, and if you are affected by the floods, that you and yours are safe and well.

Except for photographing a wedding, I barely took any photos this month, so these are a few snaps of the gingerbread biscuits I made to give at Christmas, and the amazing view from said wedding (more on that later).

I know I know, a whole month, all that socialising, and only three photos. For shame.

It's good to be back.


*Don't ask me how I managed to get myself into that last one, but it's in progress and I think I'll do a post about it when I'm done.

Christmas Cookies 2010

Christmas Cookies 2010

Bible Garden, Palm Beach


Christina said... Reply to comment

Sounds like a fairly well balanced month? I can handle the bad in a month, when it is off set by something good. Two weddings sounds quite nice.

And there may only be three photos, but they are delightful. Thank you for sharing.


Jenny said... Reply to comment

Did you photograph J&J's wedding?! Looks like you must have. Nice!

Welcome back my dear.

Frankie and Ray said... Reply to comment

Ah, January! Not enough peaches here yet either. I'm haunting the fruit shop looking for those deliciously perfectly ripe white fleshed ones....

elizabeth said... Reply to comment

@Christina yes, thankfully, the good and bad were balanced. The weddings were lovely, although hot, but the location of the first more than made up for that!

elizabeth said... Reply to comment

@JennyYes I did! x

elizabeth said... Reply to comment

@Frankie and Ray Oooh yes white fleshed peaches are lovely. Can one ever have enough, I wonder? I've been baking quartered peaches with a bit of brown sugar, some allspice, cinnamon, vanilla and a squeeze of lemon juice and serving just cooled with ice cold mascarpone and flaked almonds. You. Must. Try. It.

Belinda Saville said... Reply to comment

Welcome back Elizabeth! *waves* I was thinking of you just the other day and wondering how you were...glad to hear that you've been living life to the full!

Happy (very belated) new year, here is hoping that it is your best ever!!!


elizabeth said... Reply to comment

@Belinda Saville Thanks Belinda! Yes I hope this year is the best yet, too - for us both!! x