Saturday, November 20, 2010

I promise not to ever post without a photo again**

I didn't mean to have this whole week or so away from this space; but it was a busier time than I expected, and it felt long, and quite draining - and then all of a sudden it's today and I realise I haven't posted for ages. Do you remember way back here when I said I had been battling a chest infection for a month? I thought I was on the mend then, but I haven't been able to shake it, and am still coughing. So this week had me in and out of pathologist offices - doing some tests and hopefully getting to the end of this sickness. I feel worn out - and rather annoyed that sickness and other life things keep presenting themselves; but I guess that is life, isn't it? I fall easily into the trap of wishing things would hurry on by so I can get on with life (whatever that really means), without realising that these interruptions and frustrations are life, too.

At any rate, I'm looking forward to an appointment free week this week, and will be head down, bum up in the studio for much of it. Watch this space for the shop opening.

Thank you all for visiting even though I was awol - you're the bees knees and I'm really starting to feel like a part of a little community xx

**I'll make up for it with a new colour set this week, pinky swear.


Frankie and Ray said... Reply to comment

Well, boo to being sick, I hope you're in tip top shape very soon.
And I'm looking forward to your next set of beautiful photos!