Monday, November 22, 2010


Sometimes I feel as though inspiration is like the ocean. On a clear day, I can float calmly in it and watch the fish swim by and nod to the other bathers as they, too, enjoy the vastness and potential of inspiration.
Other days, the waves come all at once and I find myself sitting on the shore; half drowned and gasping for air, with sand in my mouth and my boobs popped out of my cozzie.

Today is one of the latter. I'm overwhelmed with inspiration and don't know where to start. I think I should make a list; for organisations' sake, but also so that on the days when I feel like I'm in a desert rather than an ocean, I'll have a List of Exciting Things To Do.

Do you ever get dumped by the sea of inspiration? How do you regain your composure?

In other news, here are some unrelated photos from around the house.





Frankie and Ray said... Reply to comment

What a fabulous analogy! My method - list, sketch, sample as soon as possible. Otherwise I can't sleep!

elizabeth said... Reply to comment

@Frankie and Ray Good method, Jo! Night-time ideas are so frustrating for me, I sometimes have to get and sew right then or I lose it!!