Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Creative Space

I've been busy (read: procrastinating) today. I've decided to make some of this reclaimed fabric from last week into a clutch, and am trying to decide which kind of closure to use. I think I will try and find a long tortoise-shell look clip closure, but may opt for a large flap - mostly because that won't require sourcing said clip closure.

My creative space

In other news, these bowls were from Ikea at the beginning of this year, I'm not sure what they're called, but I picked them up for around $4 in the bathroom section. They are like a half egg shell with a flat bottom, so one end is deep and the other shallow, and I keep my pins in them. They are so useful I think I might start giving them as gifts to fellow sewers. The deep end is so deep that it's difficult for the pins to spill, and the shallow end makes it super quick and easy to grab them as needed, or, even better, chuck them in as I pull them out from a seam as I'm sewing, rather than poke around for the cushion. I keep the small one right in front of my machine for just that purpose, and then just tip them back into the big one, which is at the other end of the cutting table, when I'm done. You could always lie a magnet in the bottom if you liked, too.

Ikea bowls

Ikea bowls

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Teek said... Reply to comment

great idea with the bowls... I think i need some on them too now

Love Sundays said... Reply to comment

The bowls are lovely, will keep a look out next time I am in Ikea, gotta love ikea!!

Ren x

Kathryn Mitchell said... Reply to comment

Hello! I've just found your blog for the first time and I think it's lovely! I hope you'll post a photo of your clutch bag once it's finished. Your photography is so beautiful too!

Chantal said... Reply to comment

Always looking for a good excuse to go to Ikea and this is a fabulous one. Great suggestion.

elizabeth said... Reply to comment

@Chantal happy to give you a reason to visit Ikea! I always leave with more than I planned...