Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Creative Space

This week has been busy and getting busier. I wish I had some creativity to share, but unfortunately my cutting table is covered in to-do lists and calculators and other boring things.

So here, instead, is a gratuitous photo of part of my stash, which lives in a cherished and well loved white antique amoire in the studio. Sometimes at the end of a crazy day, I find myself just standing in the quiet half light, drinking a cup of tea and staring at my stash. So much possibility.
And then, of course, something rings or beeps or cries or yells; and I take a deep breath and close the door.
But my stash quietly waits there, patient with me as always. Maybe tomorrow it will become something beautiful.

fabric stash

Beautiful spaces here x


Amanda said... Reply to comment

Umm I want that stash!! Heck I want that organziation lol..

I hear ya with the distractions, not sure what makes me more insane. Not having a minute to myself or trying to sneak a minute and getting interupted ha ha!

Lillipilli Lane said... Reply to comment

Aah yes, sounds familiar! lol. Just looking and dreaming is good for the soul:)

Little Eve said... Reply to comment

It's nice to know it's all there, ready and waiting for you.

Kirsty said... Reply to comment

Ah too often gets in the way eh? Hope you find some time for your waiting stash.