Friday, October 1, 2010

A little escape

We went up to Newcastle to visit my sister and her family on Wednesday. I try to visit once a fortnight or so, but usually only go up for the day, and usually not with the man. It was nice to be out of Sydney and near the water, even just for one night, and it made us miss our previous home, Byron Bay, even more. Sigh.

We visited the Centenary Centre, a wonderful, magical place full of antiques, vintage stuff, retro far as you can see. Heaven.
These photos were taken with our Bloggie, which takes great movies, but not-as-great still photos. I can't wait to go back there with my camera.

antique kimonos

hornsea retro crockery

vintage chanel display case

old books


I could have bought just about everything in the place; but showed excellent restraint and limited myself to a modest pile of vintage fabrics. I'll post photos tomorrow.


Anonymous said... Reply to comment

I love your blog! This looks like an amazing shop ... you did well to only come home with some vintage fabric! Thanks for sharing your great photos.

elizabeth said... Reply to comment

Hello, thank you! Yes, it's an amazing place - well worth a visit if you're in Newcastle.

Sherrin said... Reply to comment

That crockery is AMAZING!!

elizabeth said... Reply to comment

Sigh I know, there's something about Hornsea. Perfect retro charm. They have shelves and shelves of it at this place!

Michelle said... Reply to comment

I am sitting in my caravan on the wettest day your blog, love this shop..great find.

elizabeth said... Reply to comment

@Michelle Thank you! This shop was amazing - I can't wait to go back.